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Right. Anyone care to guess which relevant point the following records have in common? There may be a small prize.

Alice Donut - The Untidy Suicides of your Degenerate Children
Alice Donut - Pure Acid Park
Blondie - Eat to the Beat
Johnny Cash - A Hundred Highways (American V)
CNN - Copyright (3-track 12" - first release, I think)
Codeine - Barely Real
Creaming Jesus - Bark (EP)
The Cult - Love
Dead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables
Dead Kennedys - In God We Trust, Inc (Long EP or short album)
Dif Juz - Extractions
Idlewild - 100 Broken Windows
James - Seven
The March Violets - Natural History
Mogwai - Young Team
Mudhoney - Superfuzzbigmuff
Ruts - Grin & Bear It
Throwing Muses - Hunkpapa
Neil Young - Harvest
Warren Zevon - Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School
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Usual time, cost, place and quality.

What I played last month: )
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gigantor 07.03.08

Friday 7th March: Teviot Underground
9pm - 3am : £2 entry (yes, still £2)
non-students welcome, but bring photo ID.

recentish playlists can be found here, here, and here

you want a cheap alternative night out where the DJs just want you to dance til you puke ? try us. we play stuff like:

pixies, chili peppers, new model army, siouxsie, front 242, depeche mode, killing joke, madness, chemical brothers, eagles of death metal, rammstein, nirvana, pop will eat itself, adam and the ants, nine inch nails, ramones, klf, the damned, hole, marilyn manson, curve, the wonderstuff, bauhaus, emf, carter, fugazi, garbage, sex pistols, daisy chainsaw. . .

want something else ?
ask us for it. we're very open to requests, and we take shitloads of records down there every time we do this. ask for something, and you might be in luck :)
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First, Gigantor 7th December last:

Read more... )

Neon, sometime during December :

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Dec. 7th, 2007 11:13 am
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gigantor - friday 07.12.07

So soon? Yes, we're afraid so. Before your hips have recovered and
your zimmer frames have cooled from their red-hot glow, it's already
time to run to the hills - or, if the mood takes you, run down to Teviot
for another installation of everyone's favourite longrunning SF-benefit
Edinburgh alternative nightclub

For the trivial fee of only two of your earth pounds you'll be able to dance
your way from nine at night until three in the morning, to the usual medley
of curiosities, alternopop and retro-microhits.

So: From 9pm on Friday, the 7th of December until 3am on Saturday,
in Teviot Underground ("The Park Room" to anyone sufficiently old),
for 2 quid. Non-students welcome to this fine building (the oldest
purpose-built student union building in the world) but please bring
photo-ID for the bouncers on the front door. They get hungry.
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The curse of Bladerunner has not been airbrushed out - Pan-Am, Koss and Atari are still prominently advertised. Drinks do rather better. You can still buy Coke and Black Label - in the same glass even, if you wish. TDK also survive.

The numbering discrepancy has been fixed.

Gigantor 23-11-07 )

Neon 25-11-07 )
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Teviot Park Room, or whatever it's called these days, 9pm until 3am.

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I'm screening comments, so if you'd like to leave an email address to be put on our swanky list, please feel free. I promise I won't sell it to spammers.

Well, I don't think I will. It's fairly unlikely.
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Beltane VidosRead more... )

Dreams. Read more... )

Gigantor! Yes, we're having a Gigantor on Friday. Read more... )

The Crimea have a new album out, and it's available to download for free in its entirety Read more... )

Shellac are playing London next week. Read more... )

There was a program on last night about Gilbert and George, and I enjoyed it hugely. Read more... )

Anyway, if you'd like to download a Gilbert and George piece to print out, it's here, but only for the next day or so.

My work this week has involved looking at a couple of upcoming bills - the Human Tissues and Embryos Bill and the Climate Change Bill, as you ask. There are a couple of consultations relevant to them still ongoing, if any of you are interested. Read more... )

I can also recommend the new Screaming Banshee Aircrew album. I've listened to it a few times since the weekend and it's very good.
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Saturday 21st October: Teviot Underground
9pm - 3am : £2 entry (yes, £2)
non-students welcome, but bring photo ID.

more crap, including flyer...

recentish playlists can be found here, here, and here
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I haven't seen Silent Running in quite some time. I'd rather like to.

[Poll #818018]

Jon and Kathryn have been and gone, it was great to see them, and I enjoyed the Joyriders a lot. It was the best free concert I've been to in a long while, and I got a CD of their complete output too. The flat's also tider than it's been in ages. Which is nice. More of you should come visit, OK? I've said this before, and quite frankly I'm a little disappointed in how few of you take me up on it.

In other news, we have some tentative Gigantor dates. Nothing until October, and obviously we'll let you know what they are as soon as they become definite. In the meantime, we'll be taking part in a night called "Alternative Culture" in the inevitable Park Room / Underground / Whatever on the 30th of September, along with (I believe) Cyberia, Bitch and Ascension. Could be a lot of fun.
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Artificial gravity. Popular in SF, but not practically possible, right? Well, according to this paper (found via a /. link) ESA scientists believe they have created a force of one ten-thousandth of 1G using a spinning superconducting ring.

It'll be interesting to see if this is confirmed. Obviously it's odd to find that something I'd believed impossible, or implausible for my lifetime, has happened. I should try to get used to it, though. It seems to be happening more frequently.

And there's a Gigantor tomorrow, too, but that needn't suprise you as much.


Mar. 2nd, 2006 03:20 pm
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For the benefit of any you likely to be bored in Edinburgh on Saturday night:

Saturday 4th March



Saturday 4th March: Teviot Park Room
9pm - 3am : £2 entry (yes, £2)
non-students welcome, but bring photo ID.

more crap including flyer...

recentish playlists can be found here, here, here and here.
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Teviot Underground*, Sat 11th February

9pm - 3am : £2 entry : non-students welcome : bring photo ID


industrial - punk - alternative - goth

this one is 3 days before valentine's day, so we'll be doing our best 
to dig out the most utterly filthy, bitter and inappropriate songs to play.

Someone was just asking about this weekend on [livejournal.com profile] edinburgers, and we were beaten to pointing ourselves out. I guess we've become a fixture, then?

Secondly, it's come to my attention that Rome Burns are supporting GLJ in Newcastle on the Sunday. It's a couple of hours off, but do any of you fancy it? I can drive folk down, if there are any interested. It's 10 quid a ticket.

*That's the Park Room, OK?
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Linkage and odds and ends )

Last week I . . . did such exciting things that I can't remember them. Thursday was the Saunderseses' place and then the pub. Friday was the Holyrood with Lara, Seth and RedLex. Prime8 was not made afterwards due to tiredness. I think I stayed in on Tuesday and Wednesday, with a sleeping cat and some houseplants for company.

Saturday was more gaming in Bruntsfield, and then Gigantor, which was quite fun although I wasn't really feeling very inspired or keen until about midnight. We had a fourth hand, Vicky, for parts of it. She seemed to do a good job - see setlist (pending) for further details. Apparently the next one is (as of today) basically confirmed for the 11th of February (for which read "we're pretty sure it doesn't clash with Bitch"). We're making moves towards a mailing list too, so let me (or Lara, or Seth) know if you want to be on it and didn't put your name down on Saturday. There'll only be a mailing when we have an event to announce, and we promise really really sincerely, honest (with two commas and a fullstop in the normal way) not to sell your addresses to spammers in return for cheap and nasty pharmaceuticals.

Yesterday I hung around the house, went to see my folks for tea and biscuits, dropped in on Ed (seemed slightly better, I thought. Said he felt fairly well) and then went to Neon, where I played the usual nonsense. There was a point fairly early on with Venus in Furs, some Blondie, the Only Ones, and a few others, where I started to wonder whether I was really downstairs and whether I should go up to check if it was really me up there putting them on. I think it was some combination of Finn, Anna, Kiera and Lisa that turned out to be behind it.

Today the PC attached to the confocal has decided it has had enough. It's died, and done so in a big way. The LED on the power button works, but that's the only sign of life. Somewhere down near Welwyn Garden City, passers-by are looking upward with shocked expressions after being stunned by the whooshing sound of Carl Zeiss enthusiastically passing the buck on to Dell, who are believed to have the machine still under extended warranty. More news as it (and everything else) breaks.

On the other hand, I now know how overengineered recent Dell cases are. It's "Very".

Gigantor setlist )


Nov. 29th, 2005 02:39 pm
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Sat 3rd december

teviot park room

9pm - 3am : £2 entry (yes, £2)
non-students welcome

but please bring photo-id - the bouncers could do with a laugh
music : usual nonsense : alternative - punk - industrial - goth - whatever
more info here
recent(ish) playlists can be found here and here
i know it's the middle of exam season for some of you students, but what better way to free yourself of tension that bouncing round like a nucking futter to 'wheres me jumper' ? :)
oh - and it's my birthday, so if you have any spare cake...

I'd just like to clarify that it's Seth whose birthday it is on Saturday, not mine. See some of you there, hopefully?


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