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El Reg Reports that :

US researchers have admitted they cannot explain why women are more likely than men to get legless at sexually-themed fancy dress parties - a shock finding which is the only known exception to the rule that chaps will invariably sink more alcohol at social gatherings than the ladies.

And, most notably, that "as his team was unable to explain the surprise finding it would be necessary to carry out further field work".

This has been one of a series of updates concerning self-serving science. See here and here for further details.
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Women's sexual desire is heightened if they are near breast-feeding mothers, a new study has found.
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According to this BBC article, wearing high-heeled shoes is good for you.

The women in the study were quizzed on details of their height and weight when they left school, between 36 and 40 and between 51 and 55.

They were asked about injuries, their jobs, smoking and use of contraceptive hormones.

However, while many of these factors were linked to an increased risk over the years, tottering around in high heels for years was not.

The researchers wrote: "Most of the women had been exposed to high heeled shoes over the years - nevertheless, a consistent finding was a reduced risk of osteoarthritis of the knee ."

There was an even more pronounced link between regular dancing in three-inch heels and a reduced risk of knee problems.

This, of course, follows news that swallowing reduces the chance of miscarriage and eclampsia and masturbation cuts the risk of prostate cancer. I can't help thinking that this is all a bit convenient. I'm now waiting to hear about the health benefits of short skirts and low-cut tops.

(incidentally, this barking mad link may also be of some interest)


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