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First, Gigantor 7th December last:

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Neon, sometime during December :

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Neon, snow

Jan. 7th, 2008 03:51 am
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My first Neon set tonight stiffed, to the extent that some random punter came up and tried to tell me how to do my job. Do I tell them how to dance? Well, do I? Even when they clearly need told?


It was a crap variation on "play something good", even, which would have earned vast contempt if I'd had the energy. Anyway, by the end, people had livelied up and bopped shamelessly to any old treasure, which was nice. The right CD deck was taking ages to read the TOC, and froze a few seconds into the second-last song, which was replaced by the Only Ones and went on last (for me) instead. I'd been unsure if they'd go for the Dresden Dolls, but we had some fans in and theyw ere first disappointed that it wasn't happening, and then pleased when it did. They didn't say thank you for my struggling with the kit, but there you go. They left with smiles on their faces. That'll do.

I mentioned the slightly feckered deck to Nora the engineer while she was packing up the turntables. I also mentioned how old the Technics 1200 actually is - look it up if you want a surprise - and tried to specify which Mark had introduced us. It ended up with her saying "Oh, Mark from that club at Ego that played all the good tunes", which is exactly the testimonial you want, really. Then I left, and it was snowing again. Small flakes, this time, so I got to watch them hurtling down through the streetlight. I don't imagine it'll be lying in the morning, so I can regard it as a special show for those who stay up late. Life is good sometimes.

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Dec. 7th, 2007 11:13 am
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gigantor - friday 07.12.07

So soon? Yes, we're afraid so. Before your hips have recovered and
your zimmer frames have cooled from their red-hot glow, it's already
time to run to the hills - or, if the mood takes you, run down to Teviot
for another installation of everyone's favourite longrunning SF-benefit
Edinburgh alternative nightclub

For the trivial fee of only two of your earth pounds you'll be able to dance
your way from nine at night until three in the morning, to the usual medley
of curiosities, alternopop and retro-microhits.

So: From 9pm on Friday, the 7th of December until 3am on Saturday,
in Teviot Underground ("The Park Room" to anyone sufficiently old),
for 2 quid. Non-students welcome to this fine building (the oldest
purpose-built student union building in the world) but please bring
photo-ID for the bouncers on the front door. They get hungry.
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Mine from nine days ago, and most of the sets from the most recent. In the latter case, I haven't bothered working out anything I didn't recognise, because I found it more amusing to type in what I thought they looked like. I'll pay for it in a future life, I'm sure.

Contains profanity and some pretty dubious music choices.

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Nov. 18th, 2007 12:16 pm
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Seth's take on Gigantor - for those of you who don't read the relevant communities:

as some people seem to give a shit about stuff like this these days, i should probably mention that we're a non-profit club - all proceeds go to the edinburgh uni scifi society to buy books and dvds. if you're a scifi nerd, you'll realise that this is a great idea. if you're not a scifi nerd, just be thankful that by buying them books and dvds, you're helping to keep them off the streets.

the 3 djs are all vegetarian or vegan, and we keep our records in a pleasant free range environment between gigs, feeding them exclusively on organically grown dust. there is however, an unavoidable necessity to cram them into veal crates in order to transport them to the venue.

we've been running this particular club for about 13 years or so, but some of the *cough* older djs have been doing this kinda thing for about 20 years now. despite that, we haven't really gotten any better at it, and no - we haven't got many new records, either :)

Friday, remember. I'll show you all the excellent flyer later. And the Screaming Banshee Aircrew with Rome Burns on Saturday, ditto.
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Samhain was good. Even the Scotsman was nice about us, and that never normally happens. I was incredibly unenthusiastic about it in the run up, and could hardly be bothered heading out the door on the afternoon, but I had a terrific time.

The drummers, of course, were fantastic.

We even had protesters this time. Clearly we have arrived.

The car has also been serviced and got its MoT. The guys at the garage now recognise it as an old friend, even though they only see it once or twice a year. Apparently a bit had fallen off the front suspension, and I would have noticed it if I'd tried any tight corners.

There'a a rumour Disgraceland is on tonight, but I'd got the impression it was next week and I can't find anything online . . . anyone know?

Apparently Jello's in Glasgow next week.
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Oh, I want one.

NB - arachnophobes are hereby warned against following that link. You Have Been Warned..

Apparently the eyes light up and everything.

Errr . . . Neon was Neon last night. Having the mixer on stuff on a plank hung by straps from the ceiling was odd. I thought for a while that it seemed to be swinging gently because of the lighting, and then I noticed that it was because it was actually swinging gently. In spite of this, Colin successfully played a couple of album tracks and a 12". Strange. I was going to play a couple of Raven-era KJ songs, but I only got one in in the end due to time constraints. The Leningrad Cowboys/Red Army Chorus version of Sweet Home Alabama went down well, and I actually get to count it as a request. I'm going to claim that I played it because a blonde in a short skirt came and asked for a version, because I don't want you thinking that I have a morbid fascination with strange cover versions.


Sep. 17th, 2007 09:20 pm
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Me, Gary, Colin and Tony this week.

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In other news, BBC4 has a documentary about Factory on on Friday at about nine, so I'll have to remember how to set the vido.

Ermm . . . went to see Gav playing the part of Jimmy Destri in a historical re-enactment on Friday. Chatted to their new Debbie afterwards, and was amazed by how little she resembles the real one when in mufti compared to in costume. Saturday was Nervywotsit at the Canon's Gait, which was rather fun. Early Sunday evening I started to go down with a cold, so I didn't sleep well after Neon and spent most of today trying to get somebody at the blood transfusion service to tell me whether this is serious enough that they need to know about it. I still haven't heard - actually giving them the damn blood was a lot easier than getting a straightforward answer. They have told me to go to my GP - presumably to make sure that it's not dengue or rabies or anything - but this will be tricky as I'm still registered with the Queen Edith's practice near Addenbrooke's. The last time I went to a GP because I was ill (as opposed to dropping in to register) must have been between ten and fifteen years ago. Perhaps I shoudl try being convincingly sick more often rather than just having low-grade untreated nonsense to grumble about.
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I am playing people records at Neon tomorrow, and so is N!k.

I'm sure I must have done a disco with Nik before, but I'm damned if I can remember when it would have been.

The Hive, Niddrie Street, eleven until three. Free. Booze is extremely cheap in price but only averagely cheap in quality and therefore represents very good value.
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Brilliant. Although, of course, that's easy for me to say - I don't live there. Note the usual whinging from the Scotsman's online following . . . how can you tell if you're in a plane with a Scotsman reader? Well, the whining keeps going after they turn the engines off. Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week.

About a year ago I went to see La Clique, featuring a contortionist called Captain Frodo who did something quite implausible with tennis racquets. Enjoy. And while you're at it (if you're at it, anyway) CJ mentioned an intemperate irreligious rant by Marcus Brigstock that someone had put there too. Both highly recommended.

I'm off hippyherding in the morning. Back Sunday. Take care until then - I don't want to return to news of you all being horribly injured.

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Beltane VidosRead more... )

Dreams. Read more... )

Gigantor! Yes, we're having a Gigantor on Friday. Read more... )

The Crimea have a new album out, and it's available to download for free in its entirety Read more... )

Shellac are playing London next week. Read more... )

There was a program on last night about Gilbert and George, and I enjoyed it hugely. Read more... )

Anyway, if you'd like to download a Gilbert and George piece to print out, it's here, but only for the next day or so.

My work this week has involved looking at a couple of upcoming bills - the Human Tissues and Embryos Bill and the Climate Change Bill, as you ask. There are a couple of consultations relevant to them still ongoing, if any of you are interested. Read more... )

I can also recommend the new Screaming Banshee Aircrew album. I've listened to it a few times since the weekend and it's very good.
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Mmm. I've just seen Charlie returning Ken's favour. Laugh? Yes, I did. Quite loudly.

What else? I've been putting posters up and giving leaflets out. Outside Neon I gave one to a young man who asked where it was and then said that he didn't want anything to do with the gay scene. He then clarified that he was, but that the scene is not for him. And then repeated it while I tried to ask in which way that was supposed to be relevant to an indie club . . . I think he might have been drinking. I know that it's a scandalous suggestion that someone you meet outside a nightclub at three in the morning might have had a couple of pints, but I really think it might have been the case.

I hit Goulag Beat and Fast last week, both of which were fun in their respective ways. The main band at Fast - the Gussets - were interesting in an early-eighties kind of way. Gav had been interested in seeing them, but admitted afterwards that he'd been expecting something more polished. I'm sure that somewhere on a post-punk compilation I have something by the band they remind me of, but I can't remember who or on which. Not the Slits - more disjointed than that, but not as far out there as the Pop Group. Regardless of which, they were early-eighties post-punk in an interesting rather than formulaic way. One of them had been at Goulag Beat the night before, and another I used to see around the Ashworth Labs twelve or thirteen years ago, and periodically since at punk concerts. I think Suzie Wiles introduced me to her once, but I remember no more than that. Mr Airbust was there with his sister Laura, which I found disturbing in the usual way I do when I'm forced to admit that a friend I'd always assumed to have been hatched in a jam jar actually has a family in the usual way after all.

Their support were the Pish Dolls. I recommend them.

I came across this page on the benefits of Basingstoke. One or two of you may notice a reference to certain friends of mine, who have been Made Aware. Oddly I had just bumped into Neal - I don't see him around very often. Must remember to get Dave's 4-track off him sometime.

Earlier today I had a chat with Kate. A visit will probably result, which will be good as I haven't been south since the Spring. My folks were over yesterday and today, too, which was good.
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Saturday 21st October: Teviot Underground
9pm - 3am : £2 entry (yes, £2)
non-students welcome, but bring photo ID.

more crap, including flyer...

recentish playlists can be found here, here, and here
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A few points relating to the last few days:

  • http://www.bendshire.com/ - bloody hobbithouses. Quite near [livejournal.com profile] seventorches, which I mention in case she's feeling comfortable living so close to it.

  • I think I've found a community devoted to Harry Potter/Leonard Cohen slash. You hear that sound? That's my skin crawling.

  • http://www.electoral-vote.com:2006/ deserves a mention, and extra points for good use of a port number too. It is, as before, Andrew "No, actually I didn't invent Linux" Tanenbaum's opinion-poll summary in the runup to US elections - in this case the midterms. As before, it looks as though politicians will win most of the seats.

  • There's an interesting article on the US death sentence at http://www.guardian.co.uk/usa/story/0,,1877856,00.html. Among the interesting points is:
    Many states are beginning to wonder whether the death penalty isn't just costing too much already. A typical capital case costs at least three and a half times as much as lifetime incarceration. New Jersey has passed 60 death sentences, overturned 50 on appeal, and still not executed any of the 10 men left on death row. Having spent more than a quarter of a billion dollars executing nobody, it's expected to abolish its death penalty this year.

  • Adam Ant was in the paper a week or so ago nominating a Significant Image that mattered to him. He impressed me significantly by choosing Guernica. Sadly I can't find the actual article. It was quite interesting.

  • Several friends of mine have a particular friend I've never met, although I remember her name being mentioned at various points over the last several years. I know nothing about her except, oddly, that I've just heard about her eating plasticine. This makes me wonder - what have people I've never met heard about me? What sort of opinion must they have? I suppose if any of you wish to confess having told people odd things about me, this would be a good time. I promise to try to be amused by it. Or if the subject comes up do you all claim not to know me?

  • Today's Guardian has an article on independent record shops. Kev Avalanche gets a look in, of course, and it even turns out that he has a surname of his own after all. Who knew?

  • Alternative Carpark went rather well on Saturday, and we managed to arrange the rather unusual sight of a dancefloorload of g*ths dancing to such obvious handstapleforehead fodder as Start Wearing Purple and Babylon's Burning. Yesterday included a rather fun (but very short) gig by the Victorian English Gentlemen's Club, who in fact sound a bit like those pesky Pixies, but on average look better in nice frocks.
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I haven't seen Silent Running in quite some time. I'd rather like to.

[Poll #818018]

Jon and Kathryn have been and gone, it was great to see them, and I enjoyed the Joyriders a lot. It was the best free concert I've been to in a long while, and I got a CD of their complete output too. The flat's also tider than it's been in ages. Which is nice. More of you should come visit, OK? I've said this before, and quite frankly I'm a little disappointed in how few of you take me up on it.

In other news, we have some tentative Gigantor dates. Nothing until October, and obviously we'll let you know what they are as soon as they become definite. In the meantime, we'll be taking part in a night called "Alternative Culture" in the inevitable Park Room / Underground / Whatever on the 30th of September, along with (I believe) Cyberia, Bitch and Ascension. Could be a lot of fun.
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1. This slipped past me at the time, but is still beautiful.

2. Apparently Walter Sobchak is based on John Milius. I am rather disturbed by this.

On Saturday I saw The Call of Cthulhu (very recent black & White silent adaptation - well worthwhile) and King Kong (Peter Jackson's one - overall, a lot to like, but rather too faithful to the original, including a lot of dated nonsense that should have been replaced by shiny new up-to-date nonsense. The bit in the middle that seemed less inspired by King Kong than by Donkey Kong should have gone too. And Jack Black a should play Orson Welles) at Mark's, followed by Ascension (Douche! Douche! Douche!) - no dancing, but chatted to a few folks, so it was a good use of time.

Saw my folks today. Which was nice.

So: is, as I've been told, Saturday Night really just a faster version of Spanish Bombs?
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The smoking ban's been going exceptionally smoothlyRead more... )

Don't get involved in unfinished polyologies.Read more... ) Incidentally, anyone Easterconning?

I'm looking forward to seeing Timothy Spall play PierrepointRead more... )

I got dragged out to a rather nice punk club called Gulag Beat the other week.Read more... )

A couple of days after that there was a super-secret surprise party for someone's birthday. It was good, and seemed to be filled with the current generation of Geasites. They were all terribly terribly young.

On the Sunday there was a concert by The Organ in Glasgow.Read more... )

Bob Carlos Clark is dead. Stanislaw Lem is still dead, but at least got a nice big Guardian obituary courtesy of Chris Priest.

The body at Duddingston wasn't John. It was a homeless man who went missing last year. The police don't think it's suspicious.

From pigeonhed :
"We (Swell Maps) were probably more influential and important than we realize," reflected Sudden. "Apparently we've influenced all these bands like Sonic Youth and Pavement, but all I can say is you can't blame me for that." Sadly missed. Glen the soon-to-be-wed once swapped me his whole 7" collection for a Fire Engines 12" . . . this isn't as impressive as it sounds, but did include a copy of "Let's build a car".

Further to a recent discussion, there's an interesting case here of a former chef who rustles up omelette and chips while sleepwalking. "My wife says I should plug the Hoover in when I'm sleepwalking and do the housework." It would be some compensation for the disturbed sleep, I suppose.

Macca is to stand trial after an incident at the Barrowlands gig that I missed.

The Scotsman last week had an article about the Italian election, currently almost over, which started:
THREE days before Italy's general election, Silvio Berlusconi, the prime minister, went on the warpath yesterday, accusing the judiciary, the press, big business and banks of plotting his defeat.

Sadly, the headline was "Berlusconi: they're all out to get me" rather than "They've all got it infamy", which would have been much more appropriate.
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I'm the first person to read my copy of Lanark. One of the pages was uncut at one corner. It's a secondhand paperback twenty years old. Tragic. Read more... )

Miffy wouldn't be seen dead in pink.

I nearly avoided that article totally, for fairly obvious reasons, but actually it's rather interesting. She turned 50 last year.

Errr . . . . on Friday I think I went to the pub and chatted to people until late. It was fun, anyway, and I think it happened on Friday. It was fun even if it didn't.

On Saturday Read more... )

On Sunday I went to see Ed after getting him a CD player and radio - anyone who can be bothered giving him disks (including disks of mp3s) is encouraged to pass them on. After that, I dropped in on Graham and Sara, and was rewarded with, among other things, conversation and the best roast potatoes I've had in a very long time. As I'd not seen either of them meaningfully in weeks or months, this was well worthwhile and long overdue. Sara's running a course on fantastic fiction soon, and I'm more than a bit tempted. I was probably supposed to go to the Beltane vido showing immediately after, but I didn't leave theirs until after it had nominally started, so I went home and then for a drink in the Festival Tavern (opposite the Odeon that was the ABC at the top of Bread Street) with Pete and Stevie, before going to KJ's for another. Was the Festival a restaurant before? And if so, how long ago?

[livejournal.com profile] gingiber and [livejournal.com profile] anonymouseth spent Sunday rather differently - they went photographing the wrecks of midget submarines. The results can be seen here.

At some point Mark phoned and insisted on playing some Gogol Bordello down the line. Consequently, Gogol Bordello recordings were purchased. I heartily recommend that any of you who can stomach the idea of energetic folky twostep in a daft central European accent do likewise - it's top stuff. Ed likes it too, so it must be good. And they're touring soon. The new Belle and Sebastian's not bad either. And I've been listening to the Editors album, too, with great pleasure.

Yesterday I went to the EUSA office to get a life membership photocard. The only pictures I have look like an axe murderer with a hangover, so that's what's going to be immortalised. I get the old card back, happily, which is definitely what I want as it has [livejournal.com profile] bootpunk's autograph on it. I picked up another bathroom brochure, on a tip from my folks about a bog they thought I might like. And I failed to find a couple of replacement bowls (food bowls, this time). Even the manufacturer seems to have evaporated.

I saw this post earlier on, about Mike Peters and various other kent faces playing and releasing an album under the name The Alarm MMVI. While it's probably not bad, the only thing running through my head while reading it was the line "Hot Shot City is particularly good".

[I hadn't previously seen the ones on the end of that link, although I've read many of the others (there are currently almost a thousand on Amazon). SFW, at least in not containing smut. Interestingly, on the strength of those reviews, [livejournal.com profile] blackmetalbaz actually bought a copy.]

Politics, broadly speaking - women, that prick Moyles, music, and judicial murder )
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Teviot Underground*, Sat 11th February

9pm - 3am : £2 entry : non-students welcome : bring photo ID


industrial - punk - alternative - goth

this one is 3 days before valentine's day, so we'll be doing our best 
to dig out the most utterly filthy, bitter and inappropriate songs to play.

Someone was just asking about this weekend on [livejournal.com profile] edinburgers, and we were beaten to pointing ourselves out. I guess we've become a fixture, then?

Secondly, it's come to my attention that Rome Burns are supporting GLJ in Newcastle on the Sunday. It's a couple of hours off, but do any of you fancy it? I can drive folk down, if there are any interested. It's 10 quid a ticket.

*That's the Park Room, OK?


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