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That was the Scum's headline yesterday, you see - I skim their front page so you don't have to. Anyway, Kenny Richie has released after serving twenty years for failing to babysit a small child properly. Now, what exactly happened that night is still slightly unclear, but it's been obvious for years that there was no solid evidence that he set a fire. Nevertheless, at least one of the late toddler's family seem to have no uncertainty whatsoever - her aunt (according to the BBC) said in court Richey would "burn in hell". I don't personally see how the interests of justice are served by having the court solicit that sort of inflammatory statement, but doubtless the profane cannot be expected to understand these mysteries.

I have some reservations about criticising her for taking that point of view - her niece died, after all, which was and is tragic - but it does rather remind me of the people who went on believing that the Birmingham Six were definitely guilty and got away with their crime on a technicality. It's that sort of absolute certainty that creates miscarriages like this in the first place.

Weird comments reported elsewhere include the prosecutor, Mr Gary Lammers, saying "The fact that he spent 21 years in prison — I don't think that makes him a victim" because he's not the dead child. Apparently Ohio law says there's only ever one victim, even in very complicated situations. Well, you live and learn.

Richey is reported to have had a "New York strip" at lunchtime, which is apparently some kind of steak.

Meanwhile, back in Bay City, appeals are upcoming for Luke Mitchell and William Beggs. Should be interesting. I don't particularly envy those involved.

In other news, as I type it's neck-and-neck in the New Hampshire Democratic primary, with available estimates showing Clinton actually slightly ahead. 40% of the vote has still to be counted, but it doesn't look like the whitewash that has been being predicted1. I feel the need to describe her as the "Comeback Kid" at this point.

McCain seems to be ahead on the Republican side, which I understand may make things interesting, although probably not for Chinese values of interesting.

Update: Aaaand it's Clinton and McCain, sports fans, with Obama and Romney making generous comments about the winners. A useful lesson there about polls and volatility, methinks.

Fox's exit polls favoured Obama, CNN's favoured Clinton. Who was the better news provider? You decide.

1: Many thanks to Dr Dan Streetmentioner's excellent book at this point.
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