Dec. 21st, 2007

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Steve Bell's good today.

There's also a profile of Shane McGowan:

His girlfriend, Victoria Mary Clarke, was once called to his house to find blood gushing from his mouth after he had tried to eat volume three of The Beach Boys' greatest hits.

"[Shane] had become convinced that the third world war was taking place and that he, as the leader of the Irish republic, was holding a summit meeting in his kitchen between the heads of state of the world superpowers, Russia, China, America and Ireland," she wrote in the Guardian. "In order to demonstrate the cultural inferiority of the United States, he was eating a Beach Boys album."

Let's see Motley Cruet top that. Please.
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There are, of course, two actually good christmas records out, and it's not quite too late for you to rush out, buy about a dozen copies each, and propel them via a great big boot to the arse all the way up the hit parade to the very top.

Christmas Number One, by the Black Arts (being, of course, a collaboration between Black Box Recorder and Art Brut), is a cautionary tale about the effects of having a big hit.

We're all going to die by Malcom "cheery bugger" Middleton is actually quite a bouncy little number . . . for a song about the fact that we're all going to die.

Not for sale, but running those two very close in excellence terms, is Nine Inch Nöels, which I commend to you all most highly. Probably roughly what you'd expect.


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