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I'm amused by the Grauniad's mention today of "William Gibson's Neuromancer, a radical and difficult work which has become the set text of the cyberpunk sci-fi genre."

Obviously I'll never again need to feel hopelessly outclassed when people earnestly discuss Ulysses or Gravity's Rainbow.

Also, this article in the world's most august scientific journal debates the claim that the budget spent on the Human Genome Project has produced a 141-fold return for the (presumably US) economy in the years since. If true, this would imply that my wages from that period benefited the wider world to the tune of at least tuppence ha'penny, which I'll have to mention the next few times I'm asked what I've been wasting my life on.


Jun. 7th, 2007 05:11 pm
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Gosh. One of my favourite record shops is in Dr Who on Saturday. I may even watch it.

I've been neglecting them recently, actually. Must try harder.

This Wellcome Trust project is very impressive. There's some Sanger involvement - Panos is mentioned, and I'm sure I saw Chris Clee on the news last night. Or, rather, I'm sure I saw Chris Clee's hair, beard and white coat on the news last night.
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It seems we have come to the attention of the Improbable Research Blog. I happened across the paper while browsing Nature's website the other day - I don't normally do this, so there's the vague possibility that this isn't the only one I haven't been told about. I don't think I'll be putting it on the CV.
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The Chromosome 1 paper is finally out. And they've spelt my name wrong again. I shouldn't quibble really, should I?
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We announced completion of the Project three years ago today. It seems much longer. Within a week the turnover of flatmates had convinced me to quit and move back here. I gave my notice in the same day.

The bathroom's not finished, and it turns out that the usual rule about workmen never being available (even for an emergency) outside the usual hours doesn't apply when you'd like it to - the tiler's only available on Sunday, which totally hoses my plan to spend the weekend in Glasgow seeing people at Eastercon. I'll go over tomorrow and after he's finished on Sunday - and maybe stay until Monday depending on what people are doing.

Today I've been rebuilding Zachariah, as some sort of event on Tuesday hosed the power supply and two rather nice hard drives. I have a third with nothing important on it, so in principle I could try swapping the logic boards to do some data recovery. Even partially dismantling a hard drive, of course, is not a job for the nervous, so . . . how bold am I feeling?

Beltane's going well. There was a walkthrough on Tuesday with all the cueing, and Amy insisted that Fred and I produce a coal on the monument in some pretty fierce wind. Amazingly, we managed it, although we then managed to allow it to blow away. Ho hum.


Jan. 18th, 2006 04:00 am
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Errr . . . well, on Monday I went for a drink with Peter in the Hoose, and bumped into Phil (WINOLJ?) and [livejournal.com profile] figg and folk. I'd thought the Clearlake album would be out, but it's next Monday.

Yesterday I was up at sparrowfart for a 9am appointment on High Riggs, which went fine. I made up for it with a nap in the early afternoon, and then after doing some light shopping I went to see Ed.

I have to get tickets for a few things. Bands, mainly )

If you've not already heard it (unlikely - I know you all have your fingers on the pulse) then be aware that The Internet Is For Porn (3 meg mp3). It's from the award-winning musical Avenue Q, which is apparently opening in London soon.

Finally, I notice via Slashdot that the Sanger's trace repository has hit [pinky between teeth] one billion entries, resulting in a single database of about 22 terabases - very little of which is my fault. Odd cropping decision on that graphic. Not how I'd have done it. Nice clean trace, though.
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And, also, Graham is happier again because once more the General is not. I understand that the Prez has also fallen off his bicycle.

I have scanned a couple of images that I must remember to show you. Please remind me, if I don't do so in the next day or so.

Also, I notice that Sister Ray claim to have an early Hüsker Dü album called Ultracore. Anyone heard of this? I know of a song (on Land Speed Record?) of that name, but no album.
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This is another one that's mainly for my own reference, later CV-building and/or self-aggrandisement.

Prompted by Liam's post, I've been having a quick shufti at the sequence databases - the main EMBL[1] database in particular. All my work from the Sanger's in there, which I think is around 200 database submissions. Time was I had internal access to the tracking databases and could just wave a little homebrewed piece of SQL across them to find out what my running totals were, but those days are long gone now. I'd like to have a list of my finished projects, though, together with figures on what the total coverage was, which organisms and chromosomes they were on, and the like.Read more . . . or, probably better, don't. )

I'm in danger of turning into Walter Sobchak, so I'll shut up now. Hopefully for a very long time.

Tank Girl was on the screen at Neon, and I got to wondering who Tank Girl's sidekick was played by, as she looked familiar. Naomi Watts, apparently. Who was in Mulholland Drive. Except in TG she's not even vaguely blonde. Or glam.


Dec. 24th, 2004 10:35 am
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According to the Reg, the Chromosome 16 paper is out. I didn't have anything to do with 16, and from the list of contributors I don't think anyone I know did either.

If you're interested in which chromosomes have had this sort of paper published so far, there's a diagram here. (As you've probably guessed, this entry is mainly for my own reference - I'm going to shamelessly leave it public regardless, though).

Hang on a minute . . .

You bastards!

Nobody told me 13 was out! They'd bloody better have some reprints left . . .

[Slightly later]

Goddammit, how much more are they not telling me about?


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