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Cornish man disastrously misinterprets phrase "Pop a cap in your ass".
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Meanwhile, a more enlightened centre of godliness promotes proper science in the biological field - much as another team have promulgated it in the physical sciences1.

Meanwhile, the poopy-panted British government is sadly ignoring the truth in favour of secular lies.

[1]: Any superficial residence between the Rev Burdett and a certain Nobel-winning Cambridgeshire cyclist is purely coincidental.
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Errr . . back in Ayr again, currently. Work is odd but varied. The weather's been nice. I had to go to Kate's first thing Monday, which meant driving along the coast of the Clyde (the Scottish riviera, don't forget) with bright sunshine dancing off the waves, the distant blue mountains of Argyll behind them and the various ferries and fishing boats beetling about in the middle distance. All as impossibly and indescribable beautiful as a sunny day on the West coast of Scotland is rare. Life's not so bad.

Actually, it was like that the last time I was there too. And when I went over to Arran. Have I mentioned that Lamlash is obviously a film set rather than a natural location? And what have you lot done with the soggy Ayrshire I grew up in?

The weekend was good, although a bit hectic. It would have been more so if I'd made the torchie's outing, but I hadn't the energy. Nice to see people, though.

It's Neubauten next week, of course - which of you are going to the Glasgow gig? I need to think about transport and whether anyone wants driven over. Also I notice that as well as starting the British bit of their tour tomorrow, Camera Obscura's new single is out this week. I liked the Grauniad review - "If smoking a pack of filterless Gitanes in one sitting, whipping up a tofu-noodle salad and then settling down in your old brown corduroy sofa to a double header of Betty Blue and Blue Velvet sounds like your idea of a party, then the swooning Mogadon-ed Sandie Shaw stylings of Camera Obscura will be right up your alley." Clearly I'm in need of some Gitanes and brown corduroy, because I think it's the best new song I've heard in at least many months. Ah well. What do I know?

To be entirely honest, though, while I liked Betty Blue a lot I've always thought Blue Velvet was a little overrated. I like it, but I wasn't knocked flat the way I expected to be given its rep. Oh well.

Also, The Tiger Lillies seem to have graduated from the Fringe to the proper Festival this year with their homage - "of sorts" - to Monteverdi. It's on a Saturday in August. Who fancies it, assuming we can still get tickets? There's loads of other stuff on soon, too, including an apparently serious piece of modern dance in Glasgow that advertises itself with a picture of two rather comely young female dancers, half-naked, squirting each other with chocolate sauce. They're definitely going to get a very highbrow audience for that show. I was going to make a joke here about my copy of the brochure already having its pages stuck together - with chocolate sauce, obviously - but that's a bit too obvious even for me.


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