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I was down at Avalanche yesterday, for what thankfully probably wasn't the last time, and I picked up a collection of John Miller's comic strips. It's got loads of my favourites in it - Tongs!, Andrew J Wilson's World Of Evil Horror, Lesley And The Tumshy People From Space, I Stole Rod Serling's Cigarettes, and many more.

It turns out it's the middle part of a set, covering the nineties, with the eighties and post-millenial strips in other volumes that I now also have to get. Presumably Jack Kerouac vs Moth-Ra is in one of those others.

Have a promotional video.

It's been reviewed positively in Graphic Eye and The Comics Journal. I don't know if Avalanche have any more copies, but Deadhead are pretty much certain to - the three parts are here, here and here respectively. The publisher, Braw Books, also has a couple of others.

I'd list some more stories from it, but my dad's already borrowed my copy. Families, eh?

This has been a public information announcement.
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Like most folk, I'm impressed by people's reactions yesterday - mainly in that everyone seemed to be worried about other people, rather than about possible risk to themselves. Indeed, in the pub last night I felt it necessary to use a phrase of Kinky's - as phlegmatic as the spittoon at a bronchitics convention. Oddly, nobody thanked me for providing them with that most excellent mental image. Philistines.

Anyway, I hope all the remaining people who couldn't get in touch with yu yesterday have now done so.

About 1500 Met officers are being brought back down from Scotland. As an unnamed person (for as long as he keeps up the payments, at least) said, "That's two cities that will be safer tomorrow, then." All the photos of violence with protesters have Met officers in them, apparently.

John was there, too, which was good. I don't see him very often these days. He had a folder of copies of recent . . . well, not cartoons or comics, precisely. Largely text, with included newspaper articles, relating to his current Project. Unsurprisingly, very very strange.


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