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I've been trying to find a quotation I came across some time ago about ideas and creativity. It roughly says that ideas are flying about above us all the time, and when one hits you it's very important to grab it and do something with it, because otherwise that bastard Van Morrison will end up with them all.

Anyone know it? Obviously I'd like to know who said it, and who about.

A couple of others I have come across recently and liked:

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I was listening to 6Music the other day - as you do - and a rather funny song came on. On Googling, I found it was by Lilly Allen, which was a bit disconcerting. I suppose she has talent after all. I don't think I'd knowingly heard anything by her before. The video's here, and is worth a look (although slightly sweary at a couple of points, in case any of you kids have impressionable parents around). At one point it reminded me of this frankly Busbytastic Dandy Warhols clip that I'm sure many of you remember.

I was reading the paper yesterday too. My life's so exciting. There was an article about women suffering worse from rising unemployment than men - which I have no reason to doubt - and it was illustrated by a couple of young women carrying their stuff out of their ex-employer's office in cardboard boxes. I was struck, though, that one of them had a name - at a guess her name - written on the box in felt tip. I'm not sure I would have printed that photo if it was my paper.

Also, last week, there was this article about the shortcomings of the departing President Gore.

I was round at Lara and Seth's (with Sandy and Martin) last night playing this game, Arkham Horror, which is quite complex but good fun. We lost - we all lost, collectively, because it's almost entirely a collaborative rather than competitive game - and Yig destroyed everything. Still, I have to like a game in which leaving Elder Signs everywhere is so clearly a winning tactic.

I mentioned this to Lara - someone's reading and summarising the Origin of Species a chapter at a time. Only up to chapter 3 last time I checked, but well worth a look.

I'm quite pleased to find a song about Polmont. I can't imagine there are that many. My dad used to work there. The album's quite impressed me, although I should say that I don't think I've heard so much reverb in my whole life. It makes Psychocandy sound a bit dry.

Finally . . . it's been snowing. I don't think it'll lie long.
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Friday - Gin Goblins and The Dickies )

Saturday evening - comedy and a club )

Sunday. Stayed in fiddling with stuff. PLayed a bit of Civ. Won a game, although it was only against the AIs, set to "amoeba" level. Washed the dishes listening to the Durutti Column, which was quite pleasant.

Further to the Half Man Half Biscuit gig, Depressed Beyond Tablets mentions Neubauten, and Shit Arm, Bad Tattoo is indeed all about the second Libertines album (and its cover picture).

Young Gods last night, after seeing Ed briefly. Very good. The slightly more wibbly stuff mostly ealier in the set, and the heavier punchier stuff more towards the end. No Longue Route, but they did play September Song, which was just wonderful (and quite unexpected). They look a bit older then they did, but otherwise haven't changed much. An actual electric guitar appeared at one point, which threatened to be a very unYoungGodslike moment, until it became apparent that Franz wasn't going to anything as mundane with it as play any notes.

The support had been Pylot, who were very rock indeed. Solid and fairly well done (very good bassist), but not inspiring.

The Guardian this week is giving away the REM Album Reckoning, which is very good and includes what for my money's their best song, Rockville. You have to get four "Guardian" masthead strips off the front page, out of the five from yesterday to Friday.

Kenny Richey's back on Death Row. Officially this time, as the Supremes have thrown the case back to the local court. The BBC's article (alightly more informative, unsurprisingly) is here.

I was meaning to point out this nice article about John Maynard Keynes. He had a life, apparently.

El Reg is running (or maybe was running, by now) a poll on the worst sorporate anthems of recent years here. So you'll know what you're voting on, there are links to three of the worst offenders, including the infamous KPMG song. Go on, give it a listen - it really is shockingly awful. I assume this is real, but frankly is worth hearing regardless.

The Guardian also ran an article on the reaction of Austria's liberals to Irving's imprisonment.

More locally, El Barrio and KJ's are set to be demolished.
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John and Tor and Derry were round last night, waiting for people who didn't turn up. The five of us played Illuminati, which I enjoyed a great deal. I haven't played in more years than I care to think of.

I notice that Expansion 3 has been re-released for the new edition. The RRP looks good, although it'll probably be the usual 1:1 exchange rate. (I found these searching on Ebay, though)

You may notice SJG also link to this unofficial extra card, as well as various other Interesting Things that most of you probably aren't cleared to see.


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