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Neon was fun, and went on until 5. I had the last slot, so by the time I'd packed and got downstairs the place was empty. I could have sworn there were people there when I started.

Today's Guardian has an article on the alleged gawthic tendencies in upcoming fashion trends, along with the inevitable sideswipe at the Daily Hate for claiming that goth and emo were basically the same ("remember that emo kids wear less lace and aren't so fussed about the Lady of Shalott"). The final piece of advice is one I think we can all endorse - "actually liking the Mission may be taking things too far."

I just caught Sushi Junior's last performance on the fringe (for this year, at least) and very good it was, too. It reminded me very vaguely of Accidental Death of an Anarchist, which can only be a good thing.
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Pessimistic buggers, the lot. "Oh . . . dunno. Could be next week."

[24 hours later] "It's done."

He did both of them in the end as the other one was pretty much as badly rotted. "They'll probably last longer than the rest of the car now." Almost certainly, I'd say.

ION . . . what's the best way to play real DVDs (ie encrypted ones) under Debian? Mplayer and gXine and things won't do it with any library or plugin I can find.

On Sunday I went to see Chanbara and then La Clique with L&therecoveringS. Chanbara's a Japanese show with drumming and swordplay/dance. I was mainly there for the drums (excellent - went a little way towards missing Lughnasa) and while the swordplay was sometimes just distracting, at other points it was very good. La Clique's a variety show with about ten acts some of which were merely good and others were stunning. Highlights included Paul Zenon appearing implausibly large things from within pads of paper, a pair of brothers from Sao Paolo (they said) with an impressively intricate and sometimes very funny tango, and a very strange Norwegian contortionist, Captain Frodo, doing things with tennis rackets that I can't bring myself to describe. I haven't been so close to laughing myself sick in years.
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So, those of you who said they'd be interested - did you get tickets? I got some tickets, but not quite enough for all of you. I can try and get some more (as could you, of course) but I don't know if any of you have scored your own.

So do any of you still want me to try to get you some?
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The Fringe website at http://www.edfringe.com seems to be working. And they seem to have at least a few ISIHAC tickets left, for those of you that are interested.
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Anyone fancy seeing ISIHAC recorded at the Pleasance at the end of August? 7 quid a ticket, apparently.

Also, someone here's selling an HP officejet v45. 20 quid.


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