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Well, I have a working 64-bit installation here, and yes it's fast. 2000*1500 onscreen also makes things look very very small indeed, but I like it. I don't know if I'll run it this hard all the time, but it's certainly nice to have the option.

I'm busily reading Capital of the Mind at the moment, which I heartily recommend - it's about Edinburgh and the Scottish Enlightenment. I haven't reached the bit about Hutton yet, but Hume, Adam, and various others feature very heavily. As you'd expect.

Kate and Tony were up over the weekend, and it was lovely to see then - after far too long a gap. Loads of other people came out of the woodwork to see them, so I had a great time talking to people like Richard Walsh, who I haven't seen in years. Fantastic stuff. I particularly enjoyed explaining The Broons to Kate, but it was all good. They've almost promised to come back to Edinburgh soon, which is almost good enough. Incidentally, I believe I have mentioned that you're all encouraged to come visit, but I'd rather like to emphasise that:

Come visit..

Thank you. This has been a public information announcement.

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Ed has one of these. This probably tells you something important about his sense of humour.

This week I've gotten back from London with a tightly-packed load of Kate's stuff and taken it over to my folks' place in Ayr, come back, picked up the last of Ed's stuff and brought it in, and helped [livejournal.com profile] decomposingsoul to move. So that's three house moves I've helped with this week. Tomorrow, a picnic on the beach. According to the Beeb, it's not likely to rain much.

I've seen Keith, too. It's been a couple of years and I was starting to worry.

I've also been listening to some of Auntie Clara's old recordings. Quite a voice. Family history's such an interesting thing, don't you think?
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I didn't see Clearlake on Monday. Read more... )

Yesterday I was mostly, courtesy of a friend, looking at photos of a piglet being fired out of a mortar.

Sunday's walk round Calton Hill was good. Read more... )

There's a review here of a new mclusky compilation, either (in a one-disk form) for those of you who haven't yet worked out what the fuss was about or (the three-disk one) for anyone who didn't pick up the singles with "Hymn for crashed cars" or "Dave, stop killing prostitutes" on the back.

Apparently Rainbow is to return to television. Only a couple of days ago someone linked to these Rainbow comic strips (only slightly altered to update the humour), which must have been an omen.

Must remember to play Jääkärinhumppa at Gigantor.

This piece from the Scotsman about the Da Vinci Cod, the Holy Blood and the Wholly Specious, and Rosslyn Chapel is amusing. The bit about giving directions to tourists is particularly good.

[livejournal.com profile] fizzyboot dropped round last night and we played a couple of games of Go.Read more... )

I had a short discussion a few days ago with someone (can't remember who) about band namesRead more... )

I've just had a joiner round to get Ed's front door open. He was a bit sniffy about the quality of the boarding, and asked if I knew who (or, implicitly, "which cowboy") had done it as he didn't regard it as secure enough. He insisted on adding more wood on the other side of the door after he'd fitted a new lock. New door to come too in due course.

A bit of a mess inside, but not as bad as I expected. After a couple of months drying out, the scraps of unfinished food were dry rather than rank. Even the open can of pilchards didn't smell of anything.

A couple of J*h*v*h's Witnesses came round here after I got back. They seemed very nice, but didn't want to talk. Just as well - the place is a mess and I was a bit busy.
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I'm the first person to read my copy of Lanark. One of the pages was uncut at one corner. It's a secondhand paperback twenty years old. Tragic. Read more... )

Miffy wouldn't be seen dead in pink.

I nearly avoided that article totally, for fairly obvious reasons, but actually it's rather interesting. She turned 50 last year.

Errr . . . . on Friday I think I went to the pub and chatted to people until late. It was fun, anyway, and I think it happened on Friday. It was fun even if it didn't.

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On Sunday I went to see Ed after getting him a CD player and radio - anyone who can be bothered giving him disks (including disks of mp3s) is encouraged to pass them on. After that, I dropped in on Graham and Sara, and was rewarded with, among other things, conversation and the best roast potatoes I've had in a very long time. As I'd not seen either of them meaningfully in weeks or months, this was well worthwhile and long overdue. Sara's running a course on fantastic fiction soon, and I'm more than a bit tempted. I was probably supposed to go to the Beltane vido showing immediately after, but I didn't leave theirs until after it had nominally started, so I went home and then for a drink in the Festival Tavern (opposite the Odeon that was the ABC at the top of Bread Street) with Pete and Stevie, before going to KJ's for another. Was the Festival a restaurant before? And if so, how long ago?

[livejournal.com profile] gingiber and [livejournal.com profile] anonymouseth spent Sunday rather differently - they went photographing the wrecks of midget submarines. The results can be seen here.

At some point Mark phoned and insisted on playing some Gogol Bordello down the line. Consequently, Gogol Bordello recordings were purchased. I heartily recommend that any of you who can stomach the idea of energetic folky twostep in a daft central European accent do likewise - it's top stuff. Ed likes it too, so it must be good. And they're touring soon. The new Belle and Sebastian's not bad either. And I've been listening to the Editors album, too, with great pleasure.

Yesterday I went to the EUSA office to get a life membership photocard. The only pictures I have look like an axe murderer with a hangover, so that's what's going to be immortalised. I get the old card back, happily, which is definitely what I want as it has [livejournal.com profile] bootpunk's autograph on it. I picked up another bathroom brochure, on a tip from my folks about a bog they thought I might like. And I failed to find a couple of replacement bowls (food bowls, this time). Even the manufacturer seems to have evaporated.

I saw this post earlier on, about Mike Peters and various other kent faces playing and releasing an album under the name The Alarm MMVI. While it's probably not bad, the only thing running through my head while reading it was the line "Hot Shot City is particularly good".

[I hadn't previously seen the ones on the end of that link, although I've read many of the others (there are currently almost a thousand on Amazon). SFW, at least in not containing smut. Interestingly, on the strength of those reviews, [livejournal.com profile] blackmetalbaz actually bought a copy.]

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Last week I . . . did such exciting things that I can't remember them. Thursday was the Saunderseses' place and then the pub. Friday was the Holyrood with Lara, Seth and RedLex. Prime8 was not made afterwards due to tiredness. I think I stayed in on Tuesday and Wednesday, with a sleeping cat and some houseplants for company.

Saturday was more gaming in Bruntsfield, and then Gigantor, which was quite fun although I wasn't really feeling very inspired or keen until about midnight. We had a fourth hand, Vicky, for parts of it. She seemed to do a good job - see setlist (pending) for further details. Apparently the next one is (as of today) basically confirmed for the 11th of February (for which read "we're pretty sure it doesn't clash with Bitch"). We're making moves towards a mailing list too, so let me (or Lara, or Seth) know if you want to be on it and didn't put your name down on Saturday. There'll only be a mailing when we have an event to announce, and we promise really really sincerely, honest (with two commas and a fullstop in the normal way) not to sell your addresses to spammers in return for cheap and nasty pharmaceuticals.

Yesterday I hung around the house, went to see my folks for tea and biscuits, dropped in on Ed (seemed slightly better, I thought. Said he felt fairly well) and then went to Neon, where I played the usual nonsense. There was a point fairly early on with Venus in Furs, some Blondie, the Only Ones, and a few others, where I started to wonder whether I was really downstairs and whether I should go up to check if it was really me up there putting them on. I think it was some combination of Finn, Anna, Kiera and Lisa that turned out to be behind it.

Today the PC attached to the confocal has decided it has had enough. It's died, and done so in a big way. The LED on the power button works, but that's the only sign of life. Somewhere down near Welwyn Garden City, passers-by are looking upward with shocked expressions after being stunned by the whooshing sound of Carl Zeiss enthusiastically passing the buck on to Dell, who are believed to have the machine still under extended warranty. More news as it (and everything else) breaks.

On the other hand, I now know how overengineered recent Dell cases are. It's "Very".

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Jul. 10th, 2005 08:47 pm
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Didn't make it to Porty (sorry) yesterday - I wasn't feeling very well in the afternoon. I don't know why. On the other hand, I got a small package in the morning with a customs label describing its contents as "baby dragon". Describing the contents wrongly, of course - actually it was two baby dragons. I have them potted out now, so hopefully they'll grow into slightly larger dragons. I think they're fairly slow-growing, so they won't get too big for the living room (like these specimens, for instance) any time soon.

Slight pubbage was had later, after my belly felt better, then Jo & Alan's flatwarming, which was well worth the effort of finding it (aggravated by me being too stupid to remember to press the buzzer marked with the flat number rather than the next one over). Today Ed came round, and seemed surprisingly well all things considered.

My brother has mumps, and is feeling very poorly indeed. My uncle has just had a tumour removed. My cousin is recovering very slowly from unfortunate and very severe complications following an operation to remove a spinal abscess. All quite sobering.

I've also been watching the little trailer for the Neubauten supporter's DVD. I was going to leave this one well alone, but after the trailer, I'm tempted.


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