May. 29th, 2007 01:50 pm
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The other night I had a dream that the local badgers had been disporting themselves in my bed. Apparently this was because I'd forgotten to put a sheet on it. Badgers must care deeply about this.

The front of the Guardian today has a bit of a picture of Amy Winehouse at the top. It looks alarmingly like a picture of Damon Albarn in drag, I don't ever remember thinking this of Winehouse before, so either it's just the picture or I'm going mad (I'll use the eggcup, I think).

Apparently over 60% of the British coastline is on Scotland. I knew it was a lot, but I'd no idea it was that much.

Rockbox rocks . . . moderately. There are one or two points I'm not entirely happy with, but it's far less finicky about the mp3s it'll play, and I'll be able to sling all my oggs onto it at the weekend, so overall I'm very happy with it.

Mugenkyo are on tour again. They're in Edinburgh on Saturday, when I will of course be seeing the Only Ones in Glasgow, so I'm toying with the idea of seeing them on Friday in Glasgow instead.

The most notable bit of the weekend was seeing Donnla and Miles at their housewarming. Their flat is almost obnoxiously nice. I envy them greatly. The evidence of a previously-resident hifi buff was very impressive.
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Nothing much has been going on. I've been to the pub a couple of times, gone to see Ed, dropped in on Lara and Seth, had dinner with my folks, and spent money on the car. Ho hum. Ed mentioned a bittorrent/accesscotrol Firefox plugin called Allpeers which is upcoming - anyone actually know more about it than just the publicity? Likely to be much cop?

I tried to help Matt spend money on a car, too, but it didn't quite work out. Still, wandering round dealerships and meeting a real-life secondhand car salesman was interesting. We met fake salesmen too, but it was obvious they weren't real because they weren't obnoxiously pushy.

My watch battery's gone, or my watch is. I'm not sure which, but this also may be expensive. And the clock in the kitchen needs a new battery, so unless I'm sitting here I don't really know what time it is.

Still, the weekend's looking good. Bloco Vomit on Friday (anyone else fancy?), the Gin Palace on Saturday (Gwaaan . . .) and Bauhaus on Sunday. Possibly followed by sprawling around at Neon. Should be good. I've always wanted to be deaf.

I saw this article today and found it amusing :
On the WB TV series "Charmed", Shannen Doherty, Alyssa Milano, and Holly Marie Combs portray bitches.

They are, however, quick to stress that they prefer the term "Biccans."

I have already mentioned that I'm very easily amused, haven't I?

Someone (presumably their owner) posted these pictures of last year's Beltane on Edinburgers. Points for spotting anyone you know.

The cat's been getting stranger. And I mean it's been gettng stranger to Ren and Stimpy levels. Although she goes outside a lot, I took pity on her recently (what with it being cold and wet at the moment) and put a litter tray in the kitchen. Inevitably, while filling it I spilled a few crumbs of litter (they grey gritty(-kitty) stuff) on the floor. Shortly afterwards she was crouched down sniffing at it, and a bit later I swear she was tucking in. That's one damn strange animal.

I've mentioned to a couple of people an odd dream I had involving a friend (who for obvious reasons will remain nameless, at least here). It startedwith him pointing out a poster in a shop window advertising a particularly OTT model figure (creature, seated) and then moving on to him mentioning, then demonstrating against my complaints and objections, that he had a medication dispenser fitted into his scrotum. Within seconds he was holding a hairy purse-sized container in his hand and prising it open to show a metal medical contraption. While standing out in the street. I hope he's suitably ashamed of his behaviour.

More recently, I had an odd dream about driving around a city which I knew to be Sheffield, but was nothing like the real Sheffield. It had the most amazing - and impractical - modern roads and buildings. Stunning. Later I was helping a friend with her infestation of crab - it was a bit like a robber crab, but not as big - a bit over a foot across - and with rather more than the usual number of legs and claws. At the end, for some reason, it became a much smaller (but still fairly big) furry spider. A lot of it involved trying to carry it out of the house by getting it to grab various sticks and implements with its various appendages. I quite like gettting dreams like that, but it doesn't happen very often. This is as opposed to the previous sort, which I'm glad doesn't happen too often.

Actually, those robber crabs - they're quite impressive, aren't they? And kept as pets, too. There are some odd folk around.


Jul. 27th, 2005 02:40 pm
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The newspapers have gone mad today. The Daily Abcess, if you can bear to look at a copy or find their webshite, has a banner headline about how the bombers were dodgy dole-scrounging illegal immigrants with incurable bedwetting (I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP. Except for the bit about bedwetting, of course). By tomorrow they'll probably have realized that Menezes was foreign and that they hate him for it. Look forward to a banner "He had it coming" headline.

The Daily Hate, apparently, is little better.

The Scotsman has stuff on metal giraffes, The Venue closing (we're not going to have any live shows in this town if this goes on) and Iain Banks answering questions about whisky on Mastermind.

Humphries: How many drinks have you had, Mr Banks?

Banks: Hic!

The Grauniad, by contrast with its aspirations towards being a hard-hitting socially responsible media organ, has an article about a foul-mouthed macaw with a habit of saying "Thank you, big boy,"

When the local mayor and a vicar visited,

Instead of the Benedicite ("Oh all ye fowls of the air, bless ye the Lord"), he told the mayor: "Fuck off," before turning to the vicar and saying: "You can fuck off too."

The sanctuary's owner, Geoff Grewcock, 55, said yesterday: "To their credit they didn't take offence and laughed it off - and luckily so did two policemen who were told: "And you can fuck off, you wankers."

This morning, I woke strangely from an odd dream. It had involved my mum, my dad's old Spitfire (Triumph, not Supermarine - it wasn't fast enough, in the same way that I can never outrun anything when I'm dreaming), and having a fling with someone in a different city, who for no readily apparent reason had a bunch of people install themselves in her back bedroom by pushing past me when the door was open, and claiming that it had been wide open so they'd wandered in. I called the police, and the fire brigade arrived to evict them.

I was woken (well, mostly-woken) by the radio, and my nose was a bit blocked. I was half-convinced that I'd been woken by the phone ringing. Every time I sniffed, I could hear in the sound of the sniff a small voice saying "pick up".
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Maybe my sleep's more disturbed than usual. I don't usually remember dreams this often.

I was on a small road bridge over a canal (in the way that sometimes happens in dreams, I knew that I was in or near Glasgow. Possibly it was meant to be a section of canal at Bishopbriggs. I lived there when I was very young) watching seals clamber out of the water and up a small rise onto a flat rocky outcrop. They were relatively large seals - a bit bigger than humans - but not as large as the largest sorts of seal.

The significance? None, I imagine. I can't think of anything seal-related that's preying on my mind at the moment.


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