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So how does someone with no apparently marketable skills go about emigrating?


Dec. 9th, 2005 05:14 pm
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] inulro for passing on details of this fine review of a heavy rock concert. There's a lovely story (actually, possibly two lovely stories) concerning the past interactions between Mötlëy Crüët and the Misfits . . . another time, perhaps.

The Scotsman are reporting on plans to reinstate Portobello to its rightful state as a pier-positive town.

Yesterday as I was arriving at work a coach pulled up outside the Geological Survey building, and a piper started playing (no, not in the toilet). I think it was probably this bunch. That's a long way to come on a school trip. Edinburgh's always done well for geologists. We had Hutton as well, of course.

In further news, the Dell is now working again and they're very sorry for being so inflexible. As are Zeiss for . . . well, for whatever their part was in it taking so long. Still, it's Friday and I only have one more week here, so what do I care?

I went to a mental health tribunal today, which was quite interesting in a wheels-of-the-state-grinding-exceeding-small kind of way. Up here, if you're sectioned (only it's not called that any more) you now have the right to a hearing, with a nominated person (me, in this case, before you all get ideas) along as well to watch and keep an eye on things. It turned out to be a bit inconclusive, but it's probably better than everything getting carved out in smoke-filled rooms behind the scenes. I'm pretty sure two or three people there were friends of my dad's, but I didn't say anything about it at the time.
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First let me point out that the problem lies with a bogstandard Dell Win2k box. It won't boot. It's dead, pre-BIOS, although there are lights on so it's not obviously a PSU fault.

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