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Someone should point out to Joanna Lumley that you're officially old once you start complaining about the morals of youth and that things were much better in your day.
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] girfan for pointing out the excellence of Google's front page today. Don't forget to play with the lever.

And in Verne-inspired nostalgia, try this. You can see Roy, of course. Roy's in every picture and clip from that.
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I should really use this thing more, but I don't really have much to say at the moment.

However, I'd like to point out this article about this record, which is a collection of covers of Cardiacs songs to raise money for Tim Smith, who a couple of years back found that a night out seeing My Bloody Valentine can be a literally heartstopping experience. It sounds quite good value to me, if you're into that sort of thing. Which I am.

How odd. The autodetect thinks I'm in Weymouth.
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A friend of mine just posted this:

"A transgender FOAFOAF in Glasgow has been put out of her housing and is apparently living rough (and in this weather!). Suggestions of trans-friendly resources are welcome as apparently she's been given the cold shoulder by a few places she's tried."

Anyone have any ideas on who she should be speaking to?

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Anyone fancy playing Illuminati sometime soon?
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Saw this nice post from [livejournal.com profile] solipsistnation last night. Laughed. Particularly recommended for roleplayers, airsofters, and anyone else childishly militaristic.

Also . . . Illuminati, anyone?

Later: Oh, also . . .

Good God.

Oct. 12th, 2010 02:01 pm
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There are certain things you don't expect to come across over your morning cup of tea, and a press interview with human rights lawyer and all-round hero Gareth Peirce is among them. I haven't been so surprised to see such a thing since . . . Oh, Nigel TufnellBlackwell appeared in the same place nearly ten years ago. If you read one tendentious politically-motivated jeremiad today . . .
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Hmmm . . .

I'll have to give that one some thought.

Unless I'm mistaken, one of the new HMHB songs from the recent 6music session mentions Cropredy. Obviously I'll have to listen again, repeatedly, to make sure. Life is hard.
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Which means that once more it's time for the annual hippy-herding expedition. Among other things, this means that the next time we talk I'll be in a position to tell you whether Status Quo are much cop as a live band these days. I suspect the answer's Yes, but I don't see any harm in finding out for certain.

I'll be out of touch, mostly, until about Sunday, so it's probably a good time to get on with all those disgraceful things you didn't want me to hear about. So enjoy yourselves, and remember - safe, sane and consensual (pick any two).
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I'm off to a different kind of fertility festival this weekend. Probably a more restrained one. I hope everyone has a good weekend, in their various ways.

Back Monday, I think, although next week's going to be pretty busy too.
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There are few things that make me happier than walking between Edinburgh tenements after dark with big fat snowflakes tumbling down through the streetlight.
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I'm still not updating much. However, occasionally there's a matter of real significance.

The Guardian has a full page article about Age of Chance.

And apparently some bloke got a prize. Well done. Entirely deserved, I'm sure.
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Haven't been saying much lately. I should really get round to some sort of update. It's reached the point of being poked . . . I'm very sorry and will say something substantive soon.

In the meantime, those of you fortunate enough to be in Edinburgh may be interested in this event tonight at the Bongo.

The Processional, Beastie, No Point and Te Pooka drummers, and the Edinburgh Samba School. Five percussion groups for only five of your Earth pounds.
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Many thanks (well, many somethings) to the BBC for reporting this fantastic event at the Belfast Film Festival. Its title, above, literally reads "Shockingly Spoken Over Smut", and of course means "badly dubbed porn".

In this case, dubbed into Ulster Scots.

And the film?

Flesh Gordon. As well-remembered, I'm sure, by anyone who used to go to The Calling at the Q Club.

Three local comedians are to provide a live translation of the 1974 R-rated film.

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I've been trying to find a quotation I came across some time ago about ideas and creativity. It roughly says that ideas are flying about above us all the time, and when one hits you it's very important to grab it and do something with it, because otherwise that bastard Van Morrison will end up with them all.

Anyone know it? Obviously I'd like to know who said it, and who about.

A couple of others I have come across recently and liked:

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I was listening to 6Music the other day - as you do - and a rather funny song came on. On Googling, I found it was by Lilly Allen, which was a bit disconcerting. I suppose she has talent after all. I don't think I'd knowingly heard anything by her before. The video's here, and is worth a look (although slightly sweary at a couple of points, in case any of you kids have impressionable parents around). At one point it reminded me of this frankly Busbytastic Dandy Warhols clip that I'm sure many of you remember.

I was reading the paper yesterday too. My life's so exciting. There was an article about women suffering worse from rising unemployment than men - which I have no reason to doubt - and it was illustrated by a couple of young women carrying their stuff out of their ex-employer's office in cardboard boxes. I was struck, though, that one of them had a name - at a guess her name - written on the box in felt tip. I'm not sure I would have printed that photo if it was my paper.

Also, last week, there was this article about the shortcomings of the departing President Gore.

I was round at Lara and Seth's (with Sandy and Martin) last night playing this game, Arkham Horror, which is quite complex but good fun. We lost - we all lost, collectively, because it's almost entirely a collaborative rather than competitive game - and Yig destroyed everything. Still, I have to like a game in which leaving Elder Signs everywhere is so clearly a winning tactic.

I mentioned this to Lara - someone's reading and summarising the Origin of Species a chapter at a time. Only up to chapter 3 last time I checked, but well worth a look.

I'm quite pleased to find a song about Polmont. I can't imagine there are that many. My dad used to work there. The album's quite impressed me, although I should say that I don't think I've heard so much reverb in my whole life. It makes Psychocandy sound a bit dry.

Finally . . . it's been snowing. I don't think it'll lie long.
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I'm just listening to Radio 6, as of course you do now and again, and there's a show on by a certain Mr Dylan. I knew he did a regular syndicated show, but I hadn't realised that the Beeb had picked it up.

He's talking about Jules Verne at the moment. A few minutes ago he was talking about the centre of the continental USA, and then the equator, and gave special greetings to anyone listening in an equatorial country. Before that it was Mobius strips, and about twenty minutes or so back he mentioned a New Scientist article he'd read recently - the one quoted here, which is here but only readable if you've a sub, which handily I have.

Errr . . . thanks, Bob. Nice one.

Ah. Nick Lowe. Excellent.

I had an odd waking experience a week or so ago, actually. I've mentioned that I had a cold. Probably partly due to an attempted mugging back in Cambridge, my nose gets a bit bunged up when I've had a cold, especially if I'm a bit dry. That morning, I'd partly woken and was lying dozing, annoyed at not quite being able to breathe properly. In particular, I had an odd intense belief that certain words had been devised by conspirators, such that people with colds couldn't pronounce them and would therefore only be able to discuss the concepts if they spoke Gaelic (which of course I don't). I was quite annoyed, and I couldn't shake the belief in spite of not being able to work out why I was so sure it was true.

I've been wondering since whether that's what it's like to have delusions. I'm rather hoping not to find out.

He's just namechecked Martin Rees. It's like listening to a very relaxed version of Out On Blue Six.

Ah. Richard Thompson. Not bad.
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The BBC are reporting that a study involving allegedly haunted vaults under South Bridge (oh, and also some palace or other in London) has found evidence of clustering in reported experiences similar to hauntings. What they don't say is what people were apparently experiencing. Given that those vaults have been empty for most of their history, I do wonder what that happened there would be said to be affecting people - was it the ghosts of indie clubs past, perhaps, or ectoplasmic music characterised by a succession of regular beats?

In other news, I've been reading a couple of historical essays on the idea that Odin was a historical figure. I'm not convinced, but the ground they tangentially cover's very interesting.I got given some Ecoballs too. These, in case you're not familiar with them, are plastic balls (well, balls with a collar that make them look slightly Saturnine) containing small pellets, which are claimed to clean your clothes without normally needing any washing powder.

I'm not convinced. In fact, as far as I can tell they rely entirely on people not being familiar with how clean warm water and agitation can get their clothes. I will, though, just quote you some of the guff that comes along with them.

You're gonna like this.

Q. How do the Ecoballs™ work?

A. Ecoballs™ increase the degree of alkaline.

In the water Ecoballs™ will react with stain/dirt under saponification [ . . . ] the Activated water molecule filters easily into the inside of clothing fibre and and makes combination between filth and fibre[1] loose [ . . . ] I.e. the Ecoballs™ makes the molecule of the water smaller which returns the water to having its brilliant hydrating properties, high solubility and good permeability.

So there you go. We've been using soap all these years when all we needed to do was shrink the water. How foolish we've all been.

Went for a walk around town yesterday in opposition to current events. Bumped into Nuala and Alex (and little Aisling, who mostly slept). Ken was apparently there too, but I didn't see him.

[1]: "Filth and fibre". I think I've got an EP by them.
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So. I've just finished An Evil Guest, which is the new Gene Wolfe novel described by a certain Mr Gaiman here. He's right about the need to read it again, but then I always feel that way about Wolfe stories. It mostly comes across as a crime or espionage thriller until fairly near the end, when it becomes quite obvious that it's something else entirely (although it wears its horror quite lightly, all things considered). Anyway, it's very good indeed and I'm rather enjoying reading Wolfe standalone novels as they come out. There's a lot to be said for not having to remember three volumes' worth of character and incident at a time.

I need to go back to The Tree Is My Hat as well, as it is indeed a chilling little number.
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Further to a couple of earlier mentions, some of you may possibly be interested in this story concerning yet more things that people can do while asleep. Also slightly scientific is this NS story on the increased fatality rates for the intelligent during the Great War. Slightly puzzling. Finally (for the storylinkage bit, anyway), Mice suspected in deadly cat fire. Seriously.

Just before Christmas (and again just after) discussion came round to Ulrich Haarbuurste's Novel of Roy Orbison in Clingfilm. I know some of you are doubtless tired of me mentioning it and extolling its virtues, so I'm just going to point out that Herr Haarbuurste has had his literary manager Michael Kelly put a Roy-in-clingfilm computer adventure up on his website. The novel itself is, of course, still available here. And no, I'm not on commission.

Also, as it too has come up in conversation a couple of times recently (in conversation, that is, with people who don't remember having seen it) here once more is my picture of the world's most Zen roadsign:

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Usual time, cost, place and quality.

What I played last month: )


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